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Taqwiyatul Eemaan by Shah Ismail Dehlwi

Taqwiyatul Eemaan

Taqwiyatul Eemaan

The Indian sub-continent is a place where the darkness of misguidance, ignorance and shirk are found on a very high level compared to other parts of the world. The land has seen many scholars and leaders, who tried to clarify what was a part of Islam and what was not. One of those scholars was Shah Ismail Dehlwi, who was a warrior and a man of great wisdom.

He belonged to a family of scholars and was himself a great scholar. He used simple language in his books, to cater to the majority, considering their level of understanding and knowledge. His book “Taqwiyatul Eemaan” (Strengthening of Faith) is a beautiful one, that deals with the unIslamic practices in the society. He explains in a simple language, why a particular action is wrong.

Taqwiyatul Eemaan brings to light the correct picture of the unlawful practices in the society and appeals to the senses of the readers. The practices that don’t go with Tawheed are highlighted to specify that they constitute shirk (polytheism), which is the biggest sin one can commit. The book has been translated into English and can be accessed from this page.

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