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The Six Books of Hadith – Kutub al Sittah

Kutub as Sittah

The Six Books of Hadith in Arabic, in The Below Order (Left to Right)

The Six Books of Hadith, commonly known as Kutub as Sittah in Arabic, referred to as Sahah Sittah (The Six Authentic) by some have been translated into the English language for the purpose of reaching the English speaking audience, thus spreading the knowledge of the Sunnah across the world. Although the best way to learn is through the knowledge of the Arabic language, English translations serve as alternative ways to increase one’s knowledge and act on the knowledge.

We have written briefly about each of the books among the six and have published on In this post, we have compiled the links to each of these books for the readers to have easy access. The word “Sahih” is appended with Bukhari and Muslim because these two books contain only sound narrations and are considered to be the best books after the Noble Quran. Other four books contain few weak narrations as well.

Sahih al Bukhari

Sahih Musim

Sunan Abu Dawood

Sunan At Tirmidhi

Sunan An Nasa’i

Sunan Ibn Majah

There are many other books of hadith, few of them even greater in terms of authenticity, compered to few of these Six Books, but the latter gained higher popularity due to their comprehensive nature and many other factors. These are the most popular books of hadith We will also discuss about other books in the future, in sha Allah.

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  1. Jumah says:

    Very useful, thank you. Hope you continue to add good Islamic resources insha Allah.

    1. We will surely add a lot of Islamic stuff, in sha Allah. Thank you.

  2. samhoneyf says:

    I’ve never commented on any websites so far. But your website was just so awesome that I couldn’t stop myself from commenting. May ALLAH reward you for your good work, akhi. JAZAAKALLAHU KHAIR. 🙂 I give it 5 stars. ^_^

    1. WHA says:

      Thanks so much. We will get back to adding more books, Insha’Allah. – Wael

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    Thank you so much for making my dream come true. I love reading islamic books. I dedicated my life into reading and so far i have never been so much interested of any other genre apart from learning Islam, the truth. Please continue to share your wonderful contributions, and may Allah reward you for all of the good efforts you’ve laid into making this possible.

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