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The Sealed Nectar, The Best Biography of the Prophet

Raheeq al Makhtoom

Ar Raheeq al Makhtoom in English

The most wonderful man that ever lived, the best of creation and the man of highest character is the role model of those who want to reach the Paradise, those who want to Please Allah and want to get closer to Him. It is the Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him. To love him more than one’s own parents or kids and in fact more than one’s own self is a necessity for a believer.

Learning about his life, his struggles and the way he spent his life increases one’s faith and aids in following the correct path. This is a necessity again, because we are supposed to follow him and take our religion only from him. His character was the Quran, as his wife and the mother of the believers Aishah mentioned, May Allah be Pleased with her.

There are books on the biography of the Mercy to all the Mankind, Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him that help in attaining the above mentioned benefits. Among the best books is the one by Shaikh Safiur Rahman al Mubarakpuri, Ar Raheeq al Makhtoom (The Sealed Nectar). It is an award winning book on the Prophet’s biography, which was awarded First Prize by Muslim World League at a competition in Makkah in the year 1399 Hijrah/1979 AD.

It is a must read book for each and every Muslim, not once, but many times. Our readers can access its translation in English from this page.

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