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Provisions of The Hereafter by ibn Qayyim

Zaad al Ma'aad

Zaad al Ma’aad

Provisions of the Hereafter, how does the name sound? It is a book written by Imam ibn Qayyim Al Jawziyyah while he was travelling for Hajj. It is a classic book written by a great classical scholar, while on a classic journey from Damascus to Makkah. It deals with the biography of the Prophet and the learning from it. The book is originally called Zadul Ma’aad Fi Hadyi Khairil ‘Ibaad (Provisions of the Hereafter in the Guidance of the Best Worshiper (Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him).

It is a book that explains the biography from the Sunnah and also explains the Sunnah from the biography. It is one of the most famous books on Seerah (biography of the Prophet). The book is huge, having thousands of pages, but a summary is available as well. It was summarized by Imam Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab al Tamimi and is called Mukhtasar Zadul Ma’aad.

The English translation of Mukhtasar Zadul Ma’aad can be accessed below.

Access Mukhtasar Zadul Ma’aad

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