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Legacy of The Prophet by Ibn Rajab al Hanbali

Legacy of The Prophet

Legacy of The Prophet

If anyone’s advice can be considered the best advice, it is the advice of the Prophet Muhammad, Peace be upon him. His advice to his companions, may Allah be Pleased with them are found in hadith. All of his advice is worth consideration, but some of it is extraordinary and deserves focus.

The Prophet once advised his beloved companion, Abdullah bin Abbas, may Allah be Pleased with them both:¬†Safeguard Allah and He will safeguard you. Safeguard Allah and you will find Him in front of you. Know Allah in times of ease and He will know you in times of hardship. When you ask, ask Allah. When you seek aid, turn to Allah. The Pen has dried (after having written) all that will occur’. This is a part of a longer hadith found in 40 Hadith of Imam an Nawawi.

The wisdom of the Prophet’s words is indefinite. If anyone follows this advice, that would be enough to make them upright. Imam Ibn Rajab al Hanbali has written a book based on this advice of the Prophet, called The Legacy of The Prophet. Imam ibn Rajab was a great scholar who was revered and praised by many other scholars of Islam.

This book, translated into English is available on this page for our readers.

Access The Legacy of The Prophet

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