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Kitab at Tawheed by Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab

Kitab At Tawheed

Kitab At Tawheed

Tawheed refers to monotheism, singling out Allah in ALL worship, whether express or implied. Flaw in a single form of worship leads to shirk (polytheism). Every Muslim needs to know and understand what Tawheed actually means and where to draw lines between tawheed and shirk in delicate cases.

In order to know this, everyone should choose the most authentic sources, which are the Quran and Hadith. Based on these two sources and the understanding of the earliest generations of Islam, few scholars have worked on teaching the Muslims what Tawheed is.

One of the best books on Tawheed is Kitab at Tawheed (The Book of Tawheed) by Shaikh Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab, a great scholar and reviver of Islam from the 18th Century AD. He has excellently explained the concepts of tawheed and clarified what constitutes shirk. It is a book which each and every Muslim should possess and should read, understand and teach their children and their relatives.

Due to its importance, it has been explained by scholars who came after Shaikh ibn Abdul Wahhab. These scholars include Shaikh Abdur Rahman as Sa’di, Muhammad ash Shinqeeti, Shaikh Salih al Uthaimeen and Shaikh Salih al Fawzan. Among those which have been translated into the English language include the explanations by Shaikh Salih al Fawzan and Shaikh Abdur Rahman as Sa’di.

Our readers can access these two explanations from this page.

Access the Explanation by Shaikh Abdur Rahman as Sa’di | Access the Explanation by Shaikh Salih al Fawzan

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