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The Devil’s Deception by Imam Ibn Jawzi in English

Talbis Iblis

Talbis Iblis

The biggest enemy of Mankind is Satan, because of who our father Adam and our mother Hawwa peace be on them were removed from the Paradise. It was he who made false promises and lured them, made them follow their desire and disobey Allah, thus oppressing their own selves. Indeed, disobedience of Allah is self oppression.

Since the day Allah Expelled Satan from the Paradise, he and his offspring have been coming up with plots and tricks to lead the offspring of Adam astray. Satan is a tool of test, where a person’s level of self control is known. Satan always calls to disobedience of Allah and works hard to take more and more people with him to the Hell Fire.

Imam Ibn Jawzi, a great classical scholar of Islam has written a wonderful book explaining the plots of Satan. It is called Talbis Iblis (The Devil’s Deception). It is a must read book to prepare against the plots of Satan and face him, defeat him. It’s English translation can be accessed below.

Access Talbis Iblis (The Devil’s Deception)

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