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Book of The End – Great Trials and Tribulations by Ibn Kathir

Book of The End

Book of The End

The universe, the sun and the moon, the earth, human beings, animals, everything will come to an end after their appointed time has come to an end. When the time ends, the jinn and human beings will be brought to account and will be rewarded based on their deeds.

The Last Day is an event which will occur for sure, but most of the people are careless and busy with their own chores. The Prophet, peace be upon him has specified certain signs of the Last Day, so that the people can beware and prepare for it. It is the day of results and the days spent in this world are the days of tests and trials.

These signs are recorded in a number of hadiths in various books of hadith. They have been collected by Imam Ismail ibn Kathir, the author of Tasfir ibn Kathir, the most popular commentary on the Quran, in one book. The book is called The Book of the End – Great Trials and Tribulations. Like the title suggests, it contains reports consisting of the signs of the Last Day, the end of the world.

This book is a part of Imam ibn Kathir’s work: Al Bidayah wan Nihayah (The Beginning and The End). The former has approximately 750 pages and is available in the English language for our readers to access.

Access The Book of The End by Imam ibn Kathir

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  1. Aminah says:

    This was a wonderful book Mashallah! So happy to see it available for all Muslims. It really opened my eyes to the reality of Qiyamah. A Must Read for sure.

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